More from New Orleans!

More from New Orleans!

Good evening Umd Hillel from New Orleans, Louisiana… The best term to describe today was surprise.  Due to the rain, our original tree-planting plan fell through, so we awoke at nine a.m with no idea what was going on today.  Fortunately for us, the wonderous Sherri Tarr, mother of UMD hillel’s own superhomie Josh gave… read more

More from New Orleans!

Today was an unexpectedly awesome day.  The reason why it was so unexpected was because the weather caused us to have a last minute change of plans. Instead of doing our community service work of painting the house for Rebuild Together, we went on a tour in the Lower 9th Ward and went to a… read more

More Updates from New Orleans!

In the morning the group anticipated spending our last day with Rebuilding Together and putting final touches on the house we’ve been working on all week. However the rain caused our morning plans to be canceled. Our spirits were not dampened and we had a change in plans and headed off to the Lower Ninth… read more

Another Update from New Orleans!

By our second day on the job, our group has become pseudo-experts in ladder safety, weed-wacking, and painting. When Mr. Hargove, the owner of the house we are rebuilding, came by to visit, he told us that he really appreciated our work. Then, after a long day on the build site we stopped at City… read more

Update from New Orleans!

Today was a meaningful day for all of us. We continued restoring the house located in mid-city New Orleans. Many of us worked on the detail painting on one of the porches of the house. Later in the day, Leroy Hargrove, the owner of the house, stopped by to meet us and see the progress… read more

KaTREEna New Orleans!

Our group is working with KaTREEna today, an organization dedicated to replacing the over 100,000 trees and green speaces lost from the Hurricane. Our group is busy mulching today!