Israel at 70

Join us for these events and programs to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday!

Israel Platinum Fellowship

Throughout the semester, we’ll dedicate each week to a different decade in Israel’s history. We’ll explore culture, arts, food, films, politics, and more. We’ll also take a glimpse at the future.

Mimouna Celebration

April 8 • 7-9 PM • RHC: Join Mishelanu to celebrate the end of Passover with a traditional Israeli-Moroccan festival. Enjoy traditional music and costumes, darbuka playing, henna tattoos, chamsa making, and more!

Israel Week

April 13-19: Enjoy a week-long celebration of Israel! You’ll get to hear from guest speakers, dine at an Israeli Shabbat dinner, watch a movie screening, eat Israeli food, and more!

Israel Fest

April 19 • 10 AM – 4 PM: Just like in Israel, join the Jewish Student Union for a day-long festival on McKeldin Mall with fun activities, free food, and more!


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