Passover Seders are just around the corner and we’re happy to provide you with plenty of options! Sign up on the form below to join us on the first night (March 30), second night (March 31), or both! Each Seder costs $10 to attend. (To pre-register for meals throughout the holiday, sign up here.)

Friday, March 30, at 7:15 PM

With Liberty and Justice for All: A Traditional Family-Style Seder: Led by Rabbi Aderet and Jessa, this Seder combines traditional Passover rituals, singing, storytelling, and a festive meal with conversations about modern day social justice issues and their connections to the Exodus narrative and the Passover experience. Everyone is welcome!

The Kids’ Table with Steph & Shira: What do you call a Seder with Bingo, coloring, and games? FUN!  We’re making the kids table the only table at our Seder. Let your young free spirit guide you through our ancient Passover traditions.


Saturday, March 31, at 7:15 PM

Fun & Games Seder with MJ and Talia: Ready? Set. Go! We’ll put a silly spin on a traditional Seder with Minute to Win It challenges and fun prizes! We’ll also share our Passover traditions, sing songs together, and eat a yummy dinner! You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll enjoy!

Farm-to-Table Seder with Alyssa: Think Global, Eat Local! Indulge in locally-sourced produce from the Bethesda Central Farmers Market and a divinely delicious brisket from Grow and Behold, a Kosher farm producing pasture-raised meat out of Virginia! Together, we’ll learn how delicious food can be when we take care of the earth, while holding true to the traditions of a Passover Seder. (Note: The food for this Seder will be prepared with Kosher for Passover ingredients in a kitchen that is not Kosher for Passover.)