We’re putting the DIY Shabbat initiative on a brief pause. If you have any questions about our Shabbat programming, email Annie.

Shake up your Shabbat and let your creativity loose! Apply below to host a free DIY Shabbat dinner with friends anytime and anywhere! We’ll provide the food and tips for hosting a rockin’ meal!

  • Step 1: Apply below!
  • Step 2: Meet with Annie to plan content, review how to host a Shabbat dinner, and address your specific audience beforehand.
  • Step 3: Pick up your dinner, dessert, and anything else you need from the Rosenbloom Hillel Center.
  • Step 4: Enjoy a fun, relaxing, and delicious Shabbat dinner with friends!
  • Step 5: Meet with Annie to chat about what a success it was.