Religious life at Maryland Hillel consists of a vibrant pluralistic atmosphere. We offer services for Reform, Conservative and Orthodox communities. Typically once a month the Committee for Jewish Collaboration holds a communal Shabbat for the entire Maryland Hillel community. Maryland Hillel also offers a variety of learning opportunities like Pizza Parsha every Tuesday night, and more.

Kedma: The Orthodox community on campus. Contact: Reuven Rosen

Ometz: The Conservative community on campus. Contact: Andy Weissfeld 

Ruach: The Reform community on campus. Contact: Taylor Friedman

Shabbat: A classic tradition and unique campus experience bringing all religious communities together in an open and welcoming environment. Come join us weekly for FREE Friday night meals at Hillel!

Committee for Jewish Collaboration (CJC): The Committee for Jewish Collaboration is dedicated to fostering a pluralistic, inclusive and comfortable environment at Maryland Hillel through a combination of religious, educational and social endeavors.

Holidays: If you can’t go home for the holidays, Hillel is your home away from home.

Jewish Learning: Hillel provides a variety of learning opportunities, ranging from the most traditional text study, to contemporary literature to conversations about Jewish values and daily life.

Kosher Dining: Serving 500+ meals daily, Hillel offers the only source of Kosher food on campus. Sign up for a full or partial meal plan or feel free to walk in and join us for lunch and dinner.

Eruv: An eruv is a metaphysical wall, in which traditional Jews are allowed to carry objects from one area to another on the Sabbath.

University Policies Regarding Absence for Religious Holidays/Practice: Excerpted from UMCP POLICIES AND PROCEDURES CONCERNING ACADEMIC ASSIGNMENTS ON DATES OF RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCES: It is the policy of UMCP that students not be penalized in any way for participation in religious observances. Students shall be allowed, whenever practicable, to make up academic assignments that are missed due to such absences. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor for each course in which work is missed, and make arrangements for make-up work or examinations.

If you need a letter from the rabbi in order to miss class or schedule a make-up exam, please contact Rabbi Ari Neuman.